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          大地留印 I中英文雙語廣播:我畫悉尼中央火車站
          時間:2021-3-29 16:47:30 點擊次數:1117

          《我畫悉尼中央火車站》 作者 陳秀英

                 The Australia Chinese New Arts Society and 90.1 NBC FM welcomes you to ‘Days in Australia’.
                 觀眾朋友,您好!澳洲新藝術聯合會和90.1 NBC FM 廣播電臺歡迎您收聽“在澳大利亞的日子”。
                 In these new season of our bilingual series, Australian-Chinese migrants share their stories of settling in Australian and making their mark in our multicultural community.
          oday’s story is:
          Painting Central Station
           Our readers are:  
          Hong Yan Ruan and Denise Kitching
          作者:       陳秀英
          英文朗讀:Denise Kithing.

                 Sydney’s Central Railway Station first drew my attention on 24 December 2004, the second day of my first trip to Sydney. On that day, my daughter accompanied my mother and me on a tour of the central business centre of Sydney.
                 From the distance, I saw the signature sandstone terminal, topped with a tall square-shaped tower that featured four clock faces. An Australian flag was fluttering on top of the clocktower.
                 I was immediately attracted by this splendid building. My daughter told to me that this was Central, the biggest railway station in New South Wales.
                 I was also touched by constant streams of passengers entering and exiting the station. They were from all over the world, different countries, nationalities, colours, perfectly reflecting the multicultural society of Australia.
                 I returned to Australia in November 2008 to welcome my first grandchild into this world. In 2009, my husband and I both obtained Australian permanent residence.
                 老伴也練成了帶外孫和做飯的一把好手,我得以騰出時間去構思實現自己的創作念想 ——《悉尼中央火車站》。
                 My husband had become super skilled at taking care of grandchildren and cooking. Thus, I gained time to work on my art project: painting Central Railway Station, Sydney.
                 I started with drawing sketches and taking lots of photos as reference. I researched Central’s history. Everything was ready for my art creation, except for one thing, which was a suitable painting method.
                 I decided on a panorama picture, two metres high and four meters wide, with Chinese brush and ink on rice paper, hoping the traditional materials could be reborn into a contemporary style. 
                 As I was actively preparing for the painting, bad news came from my hometown that my mother was seriously ill.
                 I flew back to China, to take care of her, shoulder by shoulder with my sister, until she eventually stopped breathing and was buried in peace.
          In early 2012, I resettled in Sydney and was dedicated to my artwork.
                 I used warm ochre as the main colour of this painting, to describe the sandstone as the fundamental material of the building.
                 A large part of the painting was left for the sky above the building. I used lucky red and black to fill the sky with decorative floating clouds, and painted many little golden angles and peaceful pigeons .
                 At the bottom, I added numerous human characters of different ages, all dressed differently, including backpackers, elderly people, students, workers, family groups, taxi drivers, a young mother a  pushing pram, travellers, policemen, and so on.
          The whole painting overflows happiness and harmony. It was completed to my satisfaction.
                Early in 2013, due to my limited English language, I had my daughter help me enter the painting into the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Wynne Prize, which is awarded annually to Australia’s most outstanding landscape painting.
                 Not long after we delivered the painting to the Gallery, my daughter received notification from the exhibition committee that my painting Central Railway Station, Sydney had been selected as one of the 35 finalists, out of 773 artworks.
                 The following day, we received another notification that the painting had won the Trustee’s Watercolour Prize.
                  At 6 pm, 22 March 2013, my daughter, son-in-law and I entered the Gallery and looked around the spacious exhibition hall. It was brightly lit and crowded with joyful attendees. The air was cosy and graceful.
                 Around 7pm, the award ceremony began. The management team at the gallery gave speeches, which aroused enthusiastic response from audience. Regretfully, I could not understand any English.
                 Suddenly, the prize winners were called to the stage one by one. I was the third one to receive a prize.
                 Wow, prize winners also need to give a short speech! I can only speak Chinese, so I asked my daughter to interpret for me. My daughter and I stepped up onto the stage together.
                 The presenter introduced me and awarded me with the prize and a bank cheque. Then it was my turn to talk.
                 Facing a full house of audience including top artists, art professionals and art lovers, nervously and excitedly, I expressed my gratitude. As my daughter interpreted for me, there was warm applause.
                 As soon as I stepped off the stage, a Chinese lady gave me a big hug, and told me she was proud of me.
                 Many other artists also congratulated me and took photos with me. I was on cloud nine feeling almost like a star of the night. I was so lucky.
                 There are many different languages in our world. But there is one language that is understood by all humankind, which is the language of art. Art makes our life more beautiful!

              ‘Days in Australia’ was  by produced by PP Cranney, funded by Multicultural NSW and presented by 90.1 NBC FM for the Australia Chinese New Arts Society.
              “在澳大利亞的日子”由PP克蘭尼公司制作,新南威爾士州政府多元文化基金項目資助,90.1NBC FM 播出,澳洲新藝術聯合會出品。
          If you would like more information about this project or Australia New Arts Society, email Jenny Gu  at  zhenggu@live.com.au
          See you next time. Bye!

          制作:PP Cranney
          播音:阮虹艷 Denise Kithing.

          友情鏈接: 中國美術協會網 | 中國美術家協會會員網 | 書法家李闖道官方網站 | 書法家李創國官方網站 | 畫家趙慧斌官方網站 | 油畫家蔡麗華官方網站 | 畫家楊仕芳官方網站 | 書畫家曹大經官方網站 | 書法家林經堡官方網站 | 畫家劉素麗官方網站 | 書畫家孫東旭官方網站 | 畫家呂延冬官方網站 | 畫家齊建民官方網站 | 畫家劉峰官方網站 | 畫家張麗官方網站 | 畫家馬志遠官方網站 | 畫家王娜官方網站 | 畫家張振波官方網站 | 畫家彭廷龍官方網站 | 畫家張天佑官方網站 | 油畫家崔巖官方網站 | 畫家陳湘金官方網站 | 畫家國家一級美術師邊杰官方網站 | 畫家李國興官方網站 | 畫家曹江萍官方網站 | 邱楚蓮官方網站 | 畫家汪國島官方網站 | 畫家史海波官方網站
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